If you wish to join Labour Friends of Poland there are several different membership categories:

Full Membership: To become a full member of LFP you must be a Labour Party member.

Please click on the following link if you are interested in joining the Labour Party:


Associate Membership: You may become an associate member of LFP if you are not a member of the Labour Party or any other UK political party.

Affiliate Membership: Groups and organisations which support the aims and objectives of LFP may become affiliated members of the group. In becoming an affiliated member your group’s name and logo will be displayed on the LFP website.

Members are given priority invitations to events held by Labour Friends of Poland as well as receiving the email bulletins which are open to everyone.

Members  also  have the right to appear at LFP General Meetings and to vote in Executive Committee elections at the Annual General Meeting. Full Members have the right to stand for election to the Exectutive Committee.

Click on the following link to view the full Labour Friends of Poland constitution:


If you would like to apply for LFP membership please email labourfriendsofpoland@gmail.com.

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